• Resignations

    This is the real reason we're here - to help you celebrate your friends' resignations! Rather its due to being pissed off or being a stay-at-home mom, we've got something for your crew!

    Resignations Collection 
  • Retirement Season

    Baby Boomers often get a bad wrap, although they are hard workers, loyal, and pioneers of what we see and use today. Thank them and celebrate them - it's their season to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

    Retirement Season Collection 
  • Shootin' It Straight

    Ya know, less definitely can be more. This collection is for the minimalists and hard heads that need a clear and simple message. These are the friends that need you to just shoot it to 'em with no chaser.

    Shootin' It Straight Collection 
  • Self Care When You're Not There..Yet

    Let's be honest: everybody can't resign easily or at the time that they really want to. Give the gift of compassion, empathy, and encouragement to friends that really need it before taking the leap.

    Self Care Collection 
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Happy Resignation Day - Teachers Edition